2022 LEAP Challenge

This year, in response to ongoing learning disruptions and building off of MIT Solve's Re-Engaging Learners Challenge, LEAP seeks to support organizations whose innovations bridge learning gaps for underserved children ages 2-12.

Children in vulnerable contexts, such as girls and children experiencing humanitarian crises, made up a disproportionate number of youth outside of formal education systems prior to the pandemic. Two years later, pandemic school closures combined with political instability, economic uncertainty, and climate disasters have left these groups and millions more without access to quality education.

In the wake of these learning disruptions, strong, evidence-based innovations are needed to re-engage students and provide them with the educational support they need to thrive.

We welcome Project Host applications from any organization working to bridge learning gaps for underserved children ages 2-12, with a special interest in innovations that deliver educational or mental health services to children in humanitarian crises or solutions working to ensure girls' access to education.

We welcome Fellow applications from experienced education researchers and social entrepreneurs with a passion for supporting social impact organizations to succeed.