ASME Idea Lab

The ISHOW hardware accelerator began as an idea almost a decade ago and has since aided and advanced positive social impact around the world. Now, we move upstream with the Idea Lab incubator to aid budding social entrepreneurs in developing and building on their own impactful ideas, filling the pipeline for future ISHOW accelerator innovators, while opening pathways to new partnerships and geographies.

Timeline: Candidates invited into Idea Lab will engage in 6-18 months of incubation, mentorship, and training depending on their technical background, stage of development, and needs moving forward. Applications are open from April 22 to June 6, 2022. Selected candidates will be announced in July/August 2022.

Benefits: Idea Lab is designed to help you navigate the challenges of product design/development and provide mentorship, tools, and guidance you will need to build a first iteration prototype. Candidates will have access to a tailored curriculum that will expose you to the principles of sustainable and human-centered design practices.

Game-changing and disruptive ideas and/or concepts are most welcome!