Buddhim for Social Development Action (BSDA) is a Cambodian run NGO, established in 2005 in response to criticism from the villagers around the Wat Nokor Bachey temple west of Kampong Cham City. The community felt that the monks would preach altruism in theory but hardly ever practice it. Deeply hurt, seven Monks founded the organization, financing it privately throughout the first three years until their work was noticed and international donors started to provide funding. BSDA’s programs cover a large scope, including education and vocational training for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Community and democracy development and work with Drug users and the HIV/Aids infected. Although being monk-led and inspired by Buddhist philosophy, BSDA maintains religious neutrality and strives to better the dialogue between religious groups in Cambodia, employing Buddhists, Christians and Muslims alike. All projects have the secondary aim of teaching good ethics to the participants and encouraging them to contribute as well, creating a peer support system in which ex-beneficiaries help those in their former situation.