The devastation caused by the Khmer Rouge regime, and the wars that preceded and followed it, continue to haunt Cambodia and weaken development efforts in the country. A large problem affecting the justice system is a lack of available legal representation. Most lawyers in Cambodia practice law in the private sector in urban areas. Very few lawyers choose to practice in remote areas or for non-governmental organizations, making it difficult for indigent Cambodians to have access to a fair justice system. LAC’s mission is to provide free, quality legal services for Cambodia’s poor in both criminal and civil cases. LAC continues to play a crucial role in raising the profile of these case types, primarily through casework, but also through law reform efforts, advocacy and training. LAC strongly defends the poor and most vulnerable in Cambodia and provides pro bono legal assistance to them. LAC is committed to building the capacity of its lawyers and staff in order to improve the quality of our legal work, as well as their knowledge of the law and management, which is constantly undergoing changes. It is envisioned that through their diligent legal representation of the poor and vulnerable, LAC will make a significant contribution to the betterment of Cambodian society, and to the future peace and harmony of a country that has suffered such tragedies in the past.