Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)

The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) is one of the three sectoral councils of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). It is a forward-looking, partnership-based national body responsible for coordinating and monitoring research activities in the country.PCHRD was created on March 17, 1982 through Executive order No. 784. In 1987, Executive Order No. 128 reaffirmed its existence and relevance. This directive reorganized the National Science and Technology Authority into what is now the Department of Scienceand Technology.


The Philippine Council for Health Research and Development is mandated to perform the following functions:
* Formulate policies, plans, programs, project, and strategies for health S&T development
* Program and allocate government and external funds for R&D
* Monitor R&D projects
* Generate external funds

The primordial source of health research leadership and direction in the country,PCHRD resolves to foster healthier and more productive lives among the Filipinos through health research and development (R&D).As the focal point for health research and development (R&D) in the country,
1. We provide leadership and direction in health and related R&D activities
2. We rationalize investment in science and technology through a system of review of ongoing and pipeline projects in the government sector, and by influencing the private sector to support and implement projects that are in consonance with the Health Science and Technology Plan
3. We develop and strengthen human and infrastructure resources of the health research network
4. We implement a research utilization program to ensure that research products are properly disseminated among and utilized by their intended users.
5. We facilitate the identification and packaging of health technologies for adoption and commercialization by both government and private sectors
6. We generate additional resources for health R&D by pursuing active collaboration with local and international funding agencies


As the national coordinating body for health research, we provide central direction, leadership and coordination of health research activities. To achieve this, we are committed to do the following:
1. Formulate agenda, plans, policies, and strategies for health research
2. Mobilize resources to support health research
3. Develop and strengthen capacity for health research
4. Support the development of affordable, accessible, and quality S&T-based solutions and innovations
5. Ensure the dissemination and utilization of health research outputs
6. Monitor and evaluate health research activities
7. Establish linkages and partnerships with local and international organizations
8. Promote good governance among health research organizations through efficient, effective, transparent, and ethical health research management system.

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