Story Grants to Support Coverage of One Health in Asia Pacific

🌏 One Health, One Mission Embark on a journalistic journey with the Earth Journalism Network's initiative to explore the intricate web of One Health in the Asia-Pacific region. This is more than reporting; it's storytelling with a purpose.

🔍 Unraveling the Complex Web Delve into stories of environmental degradation's impact on health, from the emergence of zoonotic diseases like H5N1 and COVID-19 🦠, to the insidious spread of antimicrobial resistance and pollutants in our ecosystem 🌊.

🌱 A Call to Action As a grant recipient, you'll join a movement to spotlight the critical interconnectedness of ecosystems and advocate for a holistic One Health approach 🤝.

📚 Empowering Through Knowledge Benefit from expert mentoring and a specialized health journalism course, empowering you to craft stories that not only inform but inspire change and action 💡.

🎯 Become a Change Maker This grant isn't just funding; it's a mission to transform journalists into One Health champions, educating and engaging audiences to influence a more informed and proactive public and policy response 🌍.