ICLD’s principal is the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). ICLD’s operations are financed by Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and are regulated by both national and international policy documents and agreements between Sida and ICLD. The ICLD Board of Directors comprises representatives of Lund University, Region Gotland, and SKL. The Board (from left to right): Member of the Board – Tomas Bergström, Lund University Member of the Board – Anna Derwinger Hallberg, Region Gotland Member of the Board – Lena Langlet, SALAR Chairperson of the Board – Jerker Stattin, SALAR ICLD works with poverty reduction through local democracy development. Focusing on the freedom and rights of individuals, ICLD programmes aim at strengthening local and regional political governed bodies, decentralization processes, local self-government and citizenship in priority partner countries of the Swedish government. ICLD promotes local democracy development by building on knowledge and experience in Swedish municipalities and county councils and on research and knowledge development in the area of decentralization and on local democracy that exist in an international perspective. The four core areas equality, participation, transparency and accountability are cornerstones of positive democratic development.