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Thought For Food is the world’s next gen innovation engine for food and agriculture. They create, empower and support a new generation of leaders to solve their planet’s most pressing challenge: How to sustainably feed 10 billion people?

In 2011, Thought For Food launched the world’s first innovation platform for food and agriculture. They spearheaded a comprehensive program to engage thousands of young people from all corners of the world to take on the challenge of feeding the world, and empower them to become entrepreneurs.

Today, they've worked with 15,000+ young leaders, catalyzed the creation of thousands of new ideas and launched the world’s most game-changing social-impact startups. Most importantly, we built a unique culture driven forward by a highly-engaged global community that focuses on collaboration, diversity, creativity and fun to create transformational change. The TFF Community brings together scientists, poets, chefs, artists, social entrepreneurs, biohackers, and more.


They engage, empower and invest in the next generation of innovators in food and agriculture to help create more sustainable and inclusive food systems around the world.

Thought For Food® has built a powerful movement that unites the most equipped generations the world has ever seen. Through our programs, we unlock their potential and deliver targeted, cutting-edge, science and technology-driven innovation to lead a sustainable food and agricultural revolution.

We are proactive and responsive to our communities’ needs. With an unshakeable commitment to people, we create the necessary spaces needed to fearlessly conceive a positive vision for the future of food and agriculture.

** Next-Gen Attitudes

The TFF Community has taught us a powerful framework of 6 Next-Gen Attitudes, which we believe can solve our world’s most complex challenges—starting with the creation of an inclusive and resilient food system.

Our programs build on the following 6 Next-Gen Attitudes and we truly believe that anyone – regardless the type of organization they work in, regardless of their age, expertise or location in the world – can tap into these attitudes and unlock next-gen innovation.

** 1. Openness

We embrace new experiences and diverse ideas and connect seemingly unexpected dots to create new ideas and breakthroughs.

** 2. Collaboration

We possess an open attitude and willingness to dive into the possibilities of digital technologies and believe that anyone can collaborate on anything, anywhere, at any time.

** 3. Beginner’s Mindset

We hold on to the playfulness and intrinsic curiosity that we all have as kids.

** 4. Entrepreneurial Methods

Entrepreneurs are some of the best solution-finders out there. In every challenge, they see opportunity – and in today’s world, it has never been cheaper or easier to take a risk in pursuit of a beneficial breakthrough.

** 5. Purpose

A purposeful attitude is critical when it comes to building emotional intelligence and resilience.

** 6. Nurturing Communities

Ultimately, relationships drive forward everything that we do. Our support system revives and propels us forward during the hardest times.

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