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USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity

The USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity is a five-year project aimed at mobilizing communities to conserve biodiversity and protect natural resources. The activity is a key component of USAID’s work to protect Cambodia’s unique and endangered natural resources, which include a variety of forests, valuable plants and trees, and a number of threatened wildlife species. This activity will provide Cambodian citizens, decision makers, and civil society with the knowledge and skills to influence positive actions to support biodiversity conservation, forest protection, and broad sustainable natural resource management (NRM). Using best practices from ECODIT’s pioneering work in NRM, community engagement, and social and behavior change communications (SBCC), the Cambodia Green Future team will increase awareness and catalyze action via strategic campaigns in social media, radio, television, community events, and other methods. Cambodia Green Future will collaborate with a wide range of partners, including women, youth, and indigenous groups, and civil society organizations (CSOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government bodies with environment-related mandates.

Connected Projects, Contracts, Grants, or Awards

Youth Council of Cambodia SBCC Activity

Encourage existing youth network members and new network members to improve the youth knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about the benefits of Cambodia unique and endangered biodiversity and the critical importance of Cambodia forest ecosystems by investigating, reflecting the voices of the affected communities and online platform using SBCC Strategy and tools.

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Youth Action For Biodiversity Conservation (YABC)

My Village (MVi) is working with ECODIT on a social and behavior change communication (SBCC) campaign in Cambodia as part of the USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity. The campaign aims to promote positive behaviors related to biodiversity conservation, forest protection, and sustainable natural resource management (NRM) among youth in the country. MVi is implementing SBCC toolkits provided by ECODIT to communicate with the public and encourage the adoption of these behaviors. The campaign is being implemented in three phases targeting different behaviors and has had a significant impact on the environmental sector in Cambodia. The success of the campaign has led to USAID and other donors exploring the launch of additional environmental SBCC programs in the country.

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USAID Camboda Green Future SBCC

The USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity is developing a joint pilot social and behavior change communications (SBCC) campaign to combat deforestation in the Prey Lang region of Cambodia. ECODIT is working with a creative agency to provide technical support for the launch of the pilot campaign, which will be overseen by the Chief of Party (COP) and the Communications Specialist of USAID Cambodia Green Future. The campaign aims to reduce land clearing, illegal logging, poaching, and other activities that threaten the Prey Lang forests and biodiversity. It will also engage youth throughout the country and communities in Prey Lang and encourage them to adopt sustainable behaviors and take positive actions to protect the environment. The creative agency will review existing materials produced by USAID projects, develop a social media toolkit with attractive messages for the Prey Lang Forest Protection Campaign, and engage implementing partners to craft a social media campaign targeted at youth groups, including a video contest. The agency will also produce a short video launching the campaign and work with the project to plan and facilitate successful campaign launch events in Phnom Penh and Prey Lang, engaging influencers and ensuring press coverage. The agency will collect analytics from social media and compile them in a report.

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Building Social Media Skills and Confidence for Youth Groups and Partners in the USAID Cambodia Green Future

VBNK implemented a social media training program as part of the USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity and USAID Greening Prey Lang (GPL) project. The program aimed to build the skills and confidence of existing project partners and youth groups/networks in using various social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, through increased capacity in graphic design, videography, and photography. The program also aimed to help participants develop and enhance their use of social media platforms by creating dynamic and creative content to engage with their audiences, and by effectively managing their social media platforms. The goal of the program was to complement the campaigns being implemented as part of the project by engaging with audiences and promoting the adoption of positive behaviors related to biodiversity conservation, forest protection, and sustainable natural resource management.

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