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USAID Digital Future Cambodia (Digital Workforce Development)

The purpose of USAID digital future Cambodia is to create a cohort of Cambodian youth with enterprise-driven skills, training, and qualifications that will help them contribute to Cambodian society and succeed in a modern digital economy, and support an open internet and freedom of information exchange in order to encourage competition, innovation, and promote international standards for it certification in order to advance Cambodia’s self-reliance in the digital age.

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USAID Digital Future Cambodia Landscape Survey

The objective of the study is to build upon existing studies and get real-time key stakeholder information about the gap between educational curricula and employer hiring needs. This diagnostic study will comprise two parts, taking into consideration gender equality and inclusion. The first part will be a gap assessment of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who provide course offerings to understand the institutional capacities that currently exist for each HEI. The Asia Foundation (TAF) and the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) will conduct an initial mapping of HEIs based on a set of criteria developed in collaboration between the two institutions. This initial exercise will be developed through a combination of desk research and key informant interviews and will define the selection of HEIs to include. The second part will be a comparative analysis of internationally recognized certifications that are available and or recommended to be introduced to Cambodian HEIs. The diagnostic study will provide key implementation recommendations to inform strategic and targeted support for a set of agreed upon course offerings.

USAID Digital Future Cambodia aims to engage private sector partners to assist with the development of needed, transferable skills, as well as the creation of internship and scholarship models that increase access to quality certifications and bachelor√¢  s degree programs for diverse, talented students. An emphasis will also be made on integrating Cambodian youth into more open and free platforms for digital skills. This assessment will include surveys with potential private sector employers, non-state actors and HEIs. Online surveys and/or (virtual) interviews will be conducted with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia and other (local) potential employers to diagnose constraints they face when developing their activity, assess their needs in terms of employee's capacity/skills, and seek their views on internship programs.

USAID  Digital  Future Cambodia will  organize a consultative workshop to learn from USAID Higher Education focal points on which models have proven most effective. Building on the outcome of this workshop, TAF and UCB will work with local HEIs to develop and test three to five inclusive internship models, and scale-up the most promising approaches. Workshop(s) will be organized with the participation of 3 to 6 potential employers to design an internship program adapted to local market needs.

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