Woord en Daad connects people out of Biblical perspective in the fight against poverty. Woord en Daad exists for more than 40 years and this gives a reason to be thankful. They help the poor for more than 40 years already and they do this together with their partners. Woord en Daad is inspired by a Christian perspective and their focus lays on helping people, who they view as unique creations of God. Woord en Daad was established in 1973 and started as an initiative of a small group of enthusiastic and motivated people. The motives to establish Woord en Daad were the enormous material and spiritual need of people in developing countries, but also that a small part of the Reformed churches in the Netherlands lacked the ability to take care of needs abroad. Woord en Daad’s mission and vision are an elaboration of their key values and principles that form the basis of their policy.