World Channel Sharing Foundation (WCSF) is an international NGO for relief efforts which delivers unconditional love and provides emergency aids to the needy in poor countries. What We Do Relief Efforts in Cambodia - Donation of rice to poor communities - Donation of school supplies to rural areas - Donation of clothes to the poor Educational Objective of Cambodia Foreign Language School CFLS is aiming to foster global human resources who can lead the modernization of Cambodia based on the Christian spirit of love and service, as shown in the school motto; "I will do my best today for the future of Cambodia, my beloved family and myself." Purpose of Establishment Dissemination to the world have-nots, education(school management), support an agricultural development, volunteers dispatch, internal and external nonprofit relief activities. The necessity for professional organization's establishment which can provide free interpretation service, language education and Korea culturalization so that foreign workers, who have entered Korea, can be settled.